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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the purpose of icanworkthisthing.com?
Answer: This website was created to house: cheat sheets, quick guides and sometimes entire manuals for all kinds of devices that a blind or visually handicapped person might want to learn to operate.

Question: What is a “cheat sheet or quick start guide”?
Answer: First of all, a cheat sheet and a quick start guide are one and the same. You might want to think of them as small teaching sessions written by someone who has learned to operate the device that you want to learn to operate.

It is hoped that these cheat sheets or guides will be written in such a way, that you will feel as if that person is sitting in the room with you and telling you step by step how to learn to operate that device that is new to you.

Question: I just have some notes, will that be helpful?
Answer: Yes! Any notes that you have on a device that is new to someone will be most helpful to them.

Question: How do I submit my documents to icanworkthisthing.com?
Answer: Click on the link contact us and follow the instructions.

Question: How can I download a document from icanworkthisthing.com?
Answer: You may send a document to your e-mail address, or a friends e-mail address by clicking on the link, “e-mail files”, and following the instructions, or by right clicking on the file and downloading the file in the usual manner.

Email us your question if it's not listed here.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided as a public service to the blind and visually handicapped community. While we have done our best to ensure the information provided is accurate, please realize the use of any information on this site is solely at your discretion and we take no responsibility for use or attempted use of this information.

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