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Lots of folks who are blind throughout the years have had in their possession something that they could not work. Then they found a manual in a form that they could read, or had someone read the manual to them and somehow learned to work that thing. Maybe that thing was a piece of amateur radio equipment, a radio scanner, a cell phone, or digital recorder and the list goes on.

As they learned how to work that thing, they made notes and developed quick guides or cheat sheets to make it easier for them to work that thing. More and more folks are sending us these cheat sheets or quick guides; information on how to start using that particular thing in their possession. In some cases, they are sending us entire manuals and we are putting all of this information on this growing web site. They learned to work that thing and now you can learn to work that thing through their experience.

Maybe you have some notes, a cheat sheet, quick start guide, or manual that you would like to make available to all of us. If we pool our information, not only can you work that thing, but we can all work that thing.

Click here to send us your cheat sheet, quick guide or manual.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided as a public service to the blind and visually handicapped community. While we have done our best to ensure the information provided is accurate, please realize the use of any information on this site is solely at your discretion and we take no responsibility for use or attempted use of this information.

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