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Here are my notes on the TM-V7A, if you have any questions email me N5SWR at yahoo dot com

73, Ken -N5SWR

Function keys on front panel, between tuning dial and band selectors.
Normal: F, TONE, reverse, LOW
After pressing [F]: OFF, tone select, SHIFT, VISUAL
The "1s" means to hold that key 1 second.

[CALL] - recalls call memory
[CALL1s] - Monitors call and memory or call and vfo
[F][CALL] - Stores currently displayed frequency settings into call memory

[VFO] - Recalls the VFO
[VFO1s] - VFO or programmable band scan
[VFO1s][MHZ] - Starts 1 kHz scan
[PowerOn_VFO] - Partial reset, [VFO] to verify. memory channels are not erased

[MEM] - Recalls most recently used memory, Boop on channel #1
[MEM1s] - Memory scan
[F][MEM] - Store current displayed frequency into current selected memory
[F][MEM1s]frequency[MEM] - Store odd split
[PowerOn-MEM] - Clear all memory, [MEM] to verify
[MHZ] - 1 MHz tuning of VFO, MHz turns off
[F+MHZ] - 10 MHZ tuning of VFO, [F] turns off
[MHZ1s] - Enable AM mode, [MHZ] to toggle AM/FM
[F][MHZ] - Key lock
[PowerOn_MHZ] - All lock
[PowerOn_MHZ] [MEM] - Erase currently selected memory
Can not erase channel #1

[TONE] - CTCSS Tone, press again to turn on tone squelch. Boop means no tone.
[F1s][TONE] - Select tone frequency.
You can use "Enter" and two digit CTCSS number (see CTCSS table)
[TONE1s] - Search for CTCSS tone
[F][TONE] - DTSS, again for DTSS squelch. Boop means no DTSS
[F1s][REV] - set 3 digit DTSS code. You can use the Mic keypad.
[REV] - Listen to repeater input
[REV1s] - Auto simplex checker. [REV] cancels
[F][REV] - Repeater shift +/-/simplex (boop = simplex)

[LOW] - Power level, Boop = High
[F1s][LOW] - Set frequency step size
[PowerOn_LOW] - in memory mode only memory number is displayed
[PM]# - Select 1 of 4 memories (one of the four function keys).
[F][PM]# - Store 1 of the 4 PM memories.
Auto PM store - Menu #4.4
[PowerOn_CALL] - Clear PM memories [CALL] to verify
[F][Menu] - Auto band select, PTT or band select to cancel
[F][CONT] - Select VHF/VHF or UHF/UHF
[F][BandSelect] - Disable the selected band
[PowerOn_F] - Demo mode

Commonly used menu options
Scan resume mode - Menu #8 Time or carrier
Advanced Intercept Point (AIP) - Menu #9, On or OFF (Off default)
Auto Power Off (APO) - Menu #10, On or OFF (Off default)
Time out Timer - Menu #11 (3, 5 or 10 min) 10 default
Beep volume - Menu #14.1
Speaker configuration - 14.2
Enable voice synth - Menu #14.3 (Japanese, English, Off)

Re-assign PF keys on microphone by holding down one of the PF Keys during power up.
Then press a front panel key to assign it to the mike PF key.
Pressing the PTT assigns the PF key to toggle between VFO and MEM.
Pressing VHF assigns the PF key to toggle between VHF and UHF.
Microphone control - Menu #16.1
Menu #16.2 thru #16.5 re-assigns mike pf keys.
The PF options are user/ monitor/ enter/ voice/ and Power (for PF1 only).

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