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Transceiver Tour

Starting at top left and proceeding around transceiver counter clockwise

On left
MR - Memory


Tuning on bottom. Press top for 1 MHz steps, press and
hold for 10 MHz steps
Four buttons the left is F or function
Two sets of Volume, center and squelch at base. Left is
VFO and right is UHF. Push either for band select

Right bottom to top

MNU - Menu
PM - Programmable Memory

Microphone Tour
With buttons facing you and PTT on the left

Up and Down on top with Down on left and Up on the right

Top,ost buttons above the standard 16 button keypad are as
follows left to right - Call, VFO, MR and PF . I have yet to figure
out what PF does as the default.

Lock switch is on the back and I do not know the lock position.

Reset Partial - resets all rig functions but leaves Memories intact.

Turn rig off

Hold VFO and turn rig on

There is a visual message asking yes or no, press VFO to reset,
any other key to exit

Reset Full - resets rig and resets Memories

Same as above but use MR instead of VFO

Microphone Control

The rig can be set to enable many control functions from the
microphone. Method to set is outlined below and involves changing a
Menu setting that is better done with sighted help. Manual states that
nearby touch tones may interfere with rig performance.

Functions that can be controlled are:

Keypad 1 Visual scan
Keypad 2 Tone/CTCss
3 Reverse
4 1 Mhx step
5 Monitor
6 Frequency readout memory channel ??
7 Volume change * down # up
8 Dual band receive
9 Squelch * down # up
0 Transmit power change
A Enter
* Star - Frequency down
# Pound - Frequency up

To Activate Microphone Control

Press MNU second button on right under the On/Off
switch to enter the Menus

Use tuning knob to go to Menu 16, Microphone is on the

On the display there is a right facing arrow above the third
of the four buttons under the display. Press until display
says Mic Control. If you go too far there is a left facing
arrow under the second button to go back

Press Set, the right of the four buttons to toggle the
function On. Display says On

Press MNU to exit the Menu mode.

Frequency Entry - Direct

Ensure Microphone Control is enabled, see above

Select band and VFO

Press A on the microphone

The initial 1 for VHF or 4 for UHF is already entered. Enter the
remaining 5 digits. Last digits must be 0 ot 5 for VHF or 00, 25,
50 or 75 for UHF.

If you leave more than 10 seconds between any actions you get
to start over.

Memory Storing

Enter desired frequency and settings in the desired band in VFO

Press F the left button of the four under the display

Use Tuning to select the desired Memory Channel

Press MR. The VFO frequency and settings are entered in the
selected Memory and any previous data in that Memory is

Do not leave pauses of mor than 10 seconds or you get to start

Wait 10 seconds for the rig to reset itself. There is probably a
button that will reset it immediately.

Call Channel Loading

Load frequency and settings in the VFO mode

Press F the left button of the four under the display

Press Call, any previous data is overwritten

Menu Defaults

The following lists the defaults available under the Menu System. These
features can be changed but sighted help is required. The speech
synthesizer does not provide sufficient audio information to allow changes
without the ability to read the display.

The following table shows the Menu Number, the itm number within each
menu with multiple items, the descriptionand options, the default setting and
the page number in the original manual.

1 - Transceiver Guide N/A 15

2 1 Number of channels for visual 49 41
scan 25/49/73/147

2 2 Power on message KENWOOD 69

2 3 Multi function buttons F/TONE/REVLOW 66

3 1 Display Reverse Negative 71

3 2 Display contrast 1 min to 16 8 71

3 3 Display dimmer 1 man to 4, Off 1 70

3 4 Aito dimmer change On/Off Off 70

4 1 Memory channel lockout On/Off Off 45

4 2 VHF/UHF Memory Radio 90/90 29
90/90.110/70, 130/50, 140/140

4 3 Memory channel names None 32

4 4 Auto PM Channel storing On/Off Off 39

5 1 Auto repeater offset On/Off On 26

5 2 Offset freq. 0 to 30 MHz steps Standard offsets 24

5 3 Europe version only N/A for Canada and US

6 - Limit the frequency range over Full range 64
The rig will operate

7 - DTMF number storing Empty 59

8 - Scan resume time or carrier Timer operated 43

9 - Intermodulation reduction On/Off Off 62

10 - Auto power off On/Off Off 61

11 - Time out timer 2/5/10 minutes 10 min 61

12 1 DTSS/Pager code transmit delay 350 ms 52
350/550 ms 56

12 2 Auto Page cancel auto/manual Manual 57

12 3 Page answer back On/Off Off 57

13 1 S Meter squelch On/Off Off 68

13 2 S meter squelch time Off 68
125, 250, 500 ms and Off

14 1 Beep volume 1 min to 7 and Off 5 66

14 2 External speaker operation. See the manual 76

14 3 Voice synthesiaer language/Off English 82

15 1 Data transfer 1200/9600 bps 1200 bps 79

15 2 Data TX/RX band On/Off Off 79

16 1 Microphone control On/Off Off 77

16 2-5 Programmable Function Keys F/TONE/REVLOW 73
different functions

16 6 DTMF monitor On/Off Off 58

17 - Hold TX 500 ms after releasing On 81
PTT On/Off

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