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Expanded Transmit Modification for TM-V71A

To open the transmit on this radio, you have two options for the frequency
range you want to open up. For either option, start by opening the radio:

Place the radio on the bench with the speaker side up and the front of the
radio facing toward you.

Remove the 8 screws that hold the top cover on the radio.

Look in the lower left hand corner (closest to the control head on the left
hand side of the radio).

Notice a green wire labeled "W601" and two chip resistors labeled "1" and

Here are your two options:

option 1) For transmit between 142-151.995 and 420-449.995 remove green
wire W601. Either unsolder to remove the wire, or cut it and tape it to
prevent the wire from touch anything else inside the radio.

option 2) For transmit between 136-174 and 400-470 MHz remove W601 as
above. Also remove the 0 ohm resistor labeled "1" which is just in front of

Reassemble the radio.

Perform a reset.

And that's it! Enjoy!


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