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Remote Control Layout for the Zenith VRA422 & 421 Talking VCR

This cheat-sheet will describe the buttons on the remote control as well as a few basic VCR instructions.

If you want to contact me via e-mail regarding this device, remember that I have not yet mastered the use of every control, but I can definitely help with the basics.
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There are a total of 37 buttons on this remote control. Most identifiable are the 4 raised arrows, which angle down toward the center of the 4 buttons, and are rather like the 4 arrows of the cardinal directions. The up and down are for the channels on the VCR, cable box, or TV. The left and right buttons are for the volume decrease and increase. There is a button in the lower right quadrant of these controls which is the Mute button for the TV.

The other set of buttons that are easily identified are the 5 buttons arranged in a circle with a
button in the middle. These control the VCR, and the center button is play, down is stop, left is
rewind, right is fast forward, and up is pause.

The top left button of the remote, which is round, is the power on/off control.
To the right of that button is the second of 3 buttons across the top, and it is a 3-position switch, that goes left & right. The left position of that switch is the VCR, the middle controls a cable box, and the right is for controlling the TV. The third button in the top right corner is also a round button, but slightly smaller and more protruding than the button on the top left, and this button is for programming the the remote as a universal remote. When you find the code for the TV, for example, hold this button down while you enter the code for your TV on the number pad. You will find the needed codes for many devices in the text manual.

Directly below the power button(Top Left), is the eject button for the VCR.
Below the eject button is the Enter button, for entering the changes you have just made in the menus, to be explained later. To the left and at the bottom of the circular controls, about the 8 o'clock position, is the Record/ITR button.

Below the circular VCR controls is the number pad, and the buttons are arranged as:
1 - 2 - 3
4 - 5 - 6
7 - 8 - 9
TV/VCR - 0 - CM Skip (Commercial Skip?)

Below the number pad is a set of 9 buttons, and they are arranged:
A - ADJ-Left(Adjust Left?) - ADJ-Right(Adjust Right?)
Sel-Up arrow (Select Up?) - Menu - Quit


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