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For RR-US321 Users
The main unit for this model is RR-US320.
USB cable K1HA08BD0002
CD-ROM (Voice Editor 2) RFE0085 (For U.S.A.)
RFE0086 (For Continental Europe)
CD-ROM (Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Preferred version 5.0) . .RFE0089 (For U.S.A.)
RFE0089 and RFE0090 (For Continental Europe)
USB cable K1HA08BD0002
CD-ROM (Voice Editor 2) RFE0085 (For U.S.A.)
RFE0086 (For Others)
Use numbers indicated when asking for replacement parts.
(Only for U.S.A.)
To order accessories contact 1-800-332-5368 or web site (http://www.

Control guide
Built-in microphone
Recording indicator
Recording button [REC]
Stop button [STOP]
Hold switch [HOLD]
Volume control [VOL
Recording mode V button [REC MODE]
Folder, Menu button [.FOLDER/ -MENU]
Play, stop, fast forward,rewind, and select button
Erase Button [ERASE]
Microphone sensitivity switch [MIC SENSE ,H, L]
Handstrap hole
External Microphone jack
Earphone Jack [cg]
Battery cover
USB connector

Hold function
This function prevents accidental operation causing the batteries to run down.

Hold mode
Release before operation
If you switch this on during stop mode, "hold"
appears for few seconds then the display goes
Switch on when not using the unit to
preserve the batteries.

Inserting the batteries
Long life alkaline batteries are recommended.
• If rechargeable batteries are to be used, rechargeable batteries manufactured by Panasonic are recommended.
Two AAA, R03/LR03, UM-4 (not included) batteries
• Do not press the buttons while inserting the batteries. This may cause malfunction
of the unit or its display. •The unit does not work correctly if the battery cover is not closed completely.
If the battery cover comes loose:
Push the cover's levers into the cutouts in the compartment as shown in the illustration.
The battery indicator (displayed during operation)
Replace the batteries when the , indicator flashes.
This unit preserves all settings for thirty seconds after you remove the batteries or they go flat.
The settings revert to the factory setting after this time. The flash memory preserves files and file

Setting the Time
After the batteries are inserted, the year (2002) starts flashing on the display. Set the
time by following the steps below.
Reset the clock regularly to maintain accuracy. (Monthly accuracy +/- 60 seconds.)
1 - Select - Within 10 seconds, press foward button or backward button to select the item.
2 [SET] Within 10 seconds, press Foward button] to set the item.
Repeat 1 and 2 to complete the settings.
Select the year
Select the month
Select the day
Select the hour time display
Select the time

Correcting the time settings
1. Press and hold ['FOLDER/ -MENU].
2. Press ['FOLDER / - MENU] until the year (e.g. 2002) is displayed.
3. Follow the above steps to change the setting you want to correct.
Files can be stored in 4 separate "folders" (A,B,C,D). Each
folder can hold up to 99 files.
Total recording time depends on the recording mode.
Recording mode Available recording time (Combined time of all the files)
HQ (High quality) (factory setting) 16 minutes
SP (Standard play) 33 minutes
LP (Long play) 105 minutes
Built-in microphone
External microphone jack UMIC (PLUG IN POWER)}
Changing recording mode
Press [REC MODE].
Recording mode changes each time you press the button.
The recording being made can be lost if the unit receives a shock (e.g. it is dropped), or if the batteries
and cover come loose.
Leave VAS (below) off when recording important files.
1 - Press [.FOLDER / - MENU] to select the folder to record into.
2 - Press [REC]. Recording begins and the recording indicator lights. The meter shows the recording level.
File number.
Recording time
"FULL" is displayed when there is no time or file numbers left. Erase unnecessary files to continue
recording, (page 7)
3 - Press [STOP]. Recording stops.
The display changes. Date, Time, Length, Total number of files

Preventing unnecessary recording (Voice activated system: VAS)
VAS detects silence and pauses recording automatically.
The voice mark flashes while VAS is waiting for a sound to record.
1 Press and hold ['FOLDER /•MENU] while stopped.
2 Within 10 seconds, press ['FOLDER / MENU] until " fef" is displayed.
3 Within 10 seconds, press [ ^-H ] to select "On".
4 Within 10 seconds, press \>~\. VAS is now on.
To turn the function off: Press [backward button] to select "OFF" in step 3 and press -J.
• Recording through the external microphone (not included)
Plug the external microphone into the [MIC (PLUG IN POWER)] jack. Then follow steps 1-3 as illustrated above.
You can use a condenser microphone without a built-in power supply. Plug type: 3.5 mm monaural
• Checking available recording time
Press [-FOLDER /- MENU] while recording.
Press again to restore the display.
This display also appears when the remaining time becomes very short. Press ['FOLDER / •MENU] to
show the normal recording display.
When you are not recording, the meter gives you an idea of how much memory is left. It reduces from
right to left as the memory reduces. When the remaining memory becomes very low, the meter will flash.

Changing microphone sensitivity
[H] (High): (Factory setting) Relatively soft sounds are recorded.
[Lj (Low): Only relatively louder sounds are recorded. Use when recording close to the mouth.

1 Press ['FOLDER /-MENU] to select the folder.
2 Press [ N-« >W ] to select the file.
Information about the selected file appears in
the following order:
Date of recording
Time of recording
Length of recording
Number of files
Press [H-Playback starts.
Adjust the volume.
• To stop play
Press [STOP] or [•]. Press [>•} to resume play from where you stopped it.
• To move to other files during play
Press [W4,*W].
• Fast forward and rewind
Press and hold [ W4, ^W ]. You can fast forward and rewind not only within a file, but
the previous and the following files as well.
Volume may be changed after fast forwarding, rewinding, and stopping.
• To check the remaining playback time
Press ['FOLDER /- MENU] during play.
Press again to restore the display. fifft i
• To listen to the first 5 seconds of each file (Intro-scan)
1 Press [-FOLDER /-MENU] to select the folder.
2 Press and hold [M while stopped .
If you want to listen to a file in full, press [>] while it is playing.
• To change playback speed
1 Press and hold ['FOLDER /-MENU] while stopped.
2 Within 10 seconds, press ['FOLDER/-MENU] until "SPEEd" is displayed.
3 Within 10 seconds, press[ K^, ^W ] to select the speed.
4 Within 10 seconds, press [>].
The speed is selected.
For your reference
Press and hold [STOP] or [•] to restore normal playback speed.
• Using earphone [Plug|nfi
(not included)
Sound will not be heard from the speaker. Plug type: 3.5 mm (Ve in.) monaural
Turning the operation tone on and off
A tone sounds each time an operation is performed if you select "On".
1 Press and hold ['FOLDER /-MENU] while stopped.
2 Within 10 seconds, press ['FOLDER / -MENU] until "bEEP" is displayed.
3 Within 10 seconds, press [ »\ ] to select "On" (factory setting) or [!•**] to select "OFF".
4 Within 10 seconds, press [^].
• Erasing files
1 Press ['FOLDER/ - MENU] to select the folder.
2 Press and hold [ERASE].
3 Within 10 seconds, press [ K^, »\ ] to select the file.
The display changes in the following order:
The first file
The last file
All folders
All files
4 Within 10 seconds, press [ERASE].
The selected file is erased. •JBBJ1
• Locked files will not be erased (see below).
• Total recording time can be reduced after erasing a number of files. Remedy this by erasing all
the folders occasionally.
• Erased files cannot be recalled.
• Locking files
1 Press ['FOLDER /- MENU] to select the folder.
2 Press and hold ['FOLDER/-MENU]. (
3 Within 10 seconds, press [ K^, ^W ] to select the file.
4 Within 10 seconds, press [>•].
To unlock:
1 Select the locked file.
2 Repeat steps 2 and 4 for each file.
• Moving files
1 Press and hold ['FOLDER/-MENU] during play.
2 Press ['FOLDER/-MENU] f-- to select the folder you want
to move the file to.
3 Within 10 seconds, press [>•].

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