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Bose Wave Radio/CD Quick Guide


This is a quick guide for blind owners of the Bose Wave Radio/CD. At this time, this guide only covers use of the radio by way of its provided remote control. Information on using the radio by way of its built-in keypad will be covered in a revision to this guide. There are two functions of this radio which are not currently covered: setting channel presets and setting and using the radio's alarm clock features. Setting channel presets should be possible for a blind person. If you discover the correct steps to accomplish this task, please let me know so they may be included in this guide. The alarm clock functions are quite likely inaccessible for a blind person; please let me know if I am mistaken on this point and provide the necessary instructions.

Contact Information

This quick guide has been written by Darrell Shandrow. Please feel free to contact me with any corrections, concerns or questions using the following contact information:

Darrell Shandrow
E-mail: darrell@shandrow.com
AIM: blind2space

Remote Control Description and Orientation

The remote control is credit card sized and contains six rows and three columns for a total of 18 buttons. As it is oriented for normal use, horizontally and with the buttons facing up, the front of the remote is also the thickest area. If you feel the bottom of the remote, you will notice a slight slope upward toward the front. The small infrared transmitting device is also observed in the very front of the remote as a small LED.

Remote Control Button Layout

The description below explains the layout of the keys on the remote from the front to the back. Row number one is nearest the front of the device while row number six is nearest the back.

Row 1, key 1
On/off button.
This toggles he radio on or off.

Row 1, key 2.
This key is currently unknown.

Row 1, key 3.
Volume up.
This turns the radio's volume up. Be careful as the volume on this small rig can get very loud while still providing excellent sound.

Row 2, key 1.
Start CD player.
This is the start button for the radio's CD player. Simply press it once to start at the beginning of the currently inserted CD. Press it a second time to pause the CD, and press it a third time to resume playing the CD where it previously left off.

Row 2, key 2.
CD stop.
This stops playing the CD.

Row 2, key 3.
Volume down.
Press this key to turn down the radio's volume. Either press it repeatedly or hold it down to decrease volume.

Row 3, key 1.
Listen to FM.
Press this key to begin listening to the FM broadcast band. The last station selected will immediately begin playing.

Row 3, key 2.
Listen to AM.
Press this key to begin listening to the AM broadcast band.

Row 3, key 3.
Select alternative audio input.
This allows you to listen to something other than the Wave Radio itself, while taking advantage of the improved sound of the radio.

Row 4, key 1.
Back or previous.
Move down the radio dial or listen to the previous track on the CD.

Row 4, key 2.
Forward or next.
Move up the radio dial or listen to the next track on the CD.

Row 4, key 3.
Appears to mute the radio's audio.

Rows 5 and 6.
Select among six preset channels.

Playing A CD

The CD compartment is not like that found on most computers or CD players. There is no tray. Instead, the CD compartment is directly below the top of the radio where the buttons are located. The buttons are, in fact, on top of the lid to the compartment. In the very front of the radio, immediately below the large snooze button, simply lift. The lid opens, allowing you to place a CD into the compartment or remove one that is currently found there. Though you could feel around inside this compartment, I don't recommend it. It is uncertain what doing so would do to the laser reader and other components found in that compartment. Simply insert the CD and close the lid. Press the next key (row 4 key 2) to move to the next song, or press the previous key (row 4, key 1) to play the previous song. When you're done listening to the CD, simply press the CD stop key (row 2, key 2). Once you have pressed the stop key, you may open the lid if you wish to change CD's. Once the lid has been closed, press the key to begin playing the CD (row 2, key 1).

Listening To The Radio

Press either the first or second key on the third row to listen to either the FM or the AM broadcast band. Press either the first or second key on the fourth row to move down or up the radio dial.


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