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Scan and OCR document

Scan and OCR document

1) Connect scanner to computer.

2) If necessary, configure VueScan and Readiris as shown in the VueScan-Readiris Setup Guide.

3) Launch VueScan.

4) Place your document in the scanner.

5) If you are dealing with a single sheet, select the Output tab and clear the "TIFF multi page" checkbox. Type Command-N, wait for a Preview (first scan only), then a Scan. Go to step 9.

6) For a multi-page document, type Command-N. This will initiate first a Preview (once only), then a Scan. On the first occasion, a dialogue box appears, reminding you to click Command-G after scanning the last page. Click on OK.

7) Put the next page in the scanner. Then press Command-N. Repeat this process until you have scanned all the pages you want in this document, then press Command-G.

8) Readiris will then be activated and ask how many pages to import. Select the "All" radio button (set by default) and click on OK.

9) Wait until you hear VoiceOver say something (Readiris is inconsistent here).

10) Press Command-R. This will recognise the document and create a new TextEdit document you will start hearing the content read as soon as it is complete.

11) Save the TextEdit document as usual. Hide or quit TextEdit and return to Readiris.

12) Type Command-N to prevent Readiris appending the next document to the previous one. Respond appropriately to any dialogue.

13) If you have more scanning to do, go back to step 4.

14) When you've finished, quit TextEdit, Readiris and VueScan, unplug your scanner, then have a nice hot cup of tea!

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