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Spell checking in Leopard.



For me, the best way to spell check with Leopard, for example, in Mail, is to use Command-Shift-Semicolon to activate the spell checker.  

Press VO keys up arrow to bring focus to the spell checker and then VO keys down arrow until you hear the first misspelled word.  

Release the VO keys and just press down arrow to review the suggestions and when you hear one you like, just press enter and the next misspelled word will be heard.  

Press down arrow to move through the suggestions and hit enter on the one you like. If you don't like any of them you can type in what you think the spelling is and when you hit enter it will move to the next word.  

If you want the spell checker to ignore the word, or learn the word and put it in to the spell checker's dictionary, just tab to ignore, or if you want the spell checker to learn the word press tab again and press enter.

This also works in text edit.  I use it for everything. You can also check spelling on the web. For example if you are using web mail and you want to spell check your message this method will work. Have a great day.

John W Hess


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