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Leopard commands and notes volume001


New Leopard commands, volume 001, October 26, 2007

Fast sleep,
To put your computer to sleep quickly use,

The doc

To find something you want in the doc, just type the first letter of the application, or, maybe the first 2, or, 3, letters and you will hear the name of your application spoken. Then just press enter and you are on your way.


Reading a link with out a help tag, VO Keys-shift-u

Visited links

Voiceover in Leopard will now tell you when you have links that you have visited in a website.
For a list of visited links, press VO keys-i for the item chooser, then type, "visited link" and you will be presented with a list of links in that website which you have visited. When you find the one you want, press, VO keys-space bar.

Numpad commander toggle, on and off, VO keys-clear, on the num pad.

Finding a button, item chooser, VO keys-i and type button, you will get a list of all of the buttons on the page.

Find a list of commands for the item Voiceover cursor is on,
VO keys- h twice.

Navigate to previous/next heading: (VO-Command-Shift-h) and (VO-Command-h), or,
press VO keys-i for the item chooser menu, type "heading and get a list of headings you can arrow down through. When you find the heading you want, press, VO keys-space bar.

Previous/next element, including checkboxes, buttons, edit fields, pop up buttons: (VO-Command-shift-j) and (VO-Command-j)


To take a quick look at attachments in mail, command-y.

Spell checking in Mail.

Command-shift semacolen then VO keys-down arrow once then back up once to hear the misspelled word and then down to the suggestions table and interact with it. Then you can choose by pressing enter.
Stop interacting with the suggestions table and then you can use the tab key, to choose another action.


To take a quick look at a file, play a song ECT on the finder, press, space, to stop, press space again.

Widgets and Voiceover

Remember to close your widgets when you are done with them, in other words, don't leave a bunch of them open at one time, because they take system room.

To select a widget,
VO keys-f2 twice and go to the widget bar, select your widget from the bar, then VO keys-space.

To close a widget, Vo keys-command-f2 while you ar on the widget, or, the name of the widget and Voiceover will tell you to press return to close the widget. If you want to change the behaviour of your widget, forinstants in the ESPN widget if you want to change from football to basket ball, just go to info, click on it and you will find a popup button which you can use to change sports.

move forward or backward in an iTunes song with, command-option-right arrow, or left arrow


Keys that are held down at the same time are separated by a hyphen.

Create a new folder: Command-Shift-N
Open a new Finder window: Command-N.
Switch Application: Command-Tab *essential shortcut!
Find: Command-F
Select All: Command-A
Copy: Command-C
Cut: Command-X
Paste: Command-V
Duplicate: Command-D
Undo: Command-Z
Save: Command-S
Save As: Shift-Command-S
Print: Command-P
Close window: Command-W
Close all windows: Option-Command-W
Show or Hide Dock: Option-Command-D
Hide Applications: Command-H
Empty Trash (without warning): Shift-Command-Delete-Option
Empty Trash (with warning): Shift-Command-Delete
Move an item to the Trash: Command-Delete
Force Quit: Option-Command-Escape
Eject Disk: Command-E
Open Spotlight: Command-Space (10.4 only)
Sleep: Option-Command-Eject
Quit all programs and restart: Control-Command-Eject


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