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Ical Guide

The first thing you will hear when you open ical is,
calendar area canvas. If you already have information entered into your calendar, you can interact with this area, VO keys-down arrow and move right or left with VO keys-left and right arrow keys to hear your information. In ical menus, VO keys-m or control-F2, under view, you can choose whether you want your calendar to show information in, a day, week, or, month view.

Add an Event

To add an event, press command-n and start typing the name of your event. If you do not want to add any other information, just press enter and your event will be added to your calendar.

If you want to modify the date, time ECT, press command-e to edit your event. Now with the VO keys-right or left arrow, move to the right or left until you hear, "Event Details" and interact, VO keys-down arrow. Now you can move through the edit fields. If you want to change the, month, date and time, interact with this field then you can move to the left or right with Vo and arrow keys. If you would like to change the month for-instants, while you are on the month, use VO keys-up, or, down arrow to change the month and stop interacting when you have finished.

As you are moving through these fields you will find buttons to select a number of items, pressing down arrow will drop down a menu. Once you have maid your choice, press space to select your choice.

Once you have completed your editing, stop interacting with "Event Details.
Now with the VO keys-right, or, left arrow keys, find the done button and click it with VO keys-shift-space bar and your edited event will appear in your calendar.

Moving to the next, or, previous day, week, or, month, depending on which calendar view you have your calendar set for is done with, command-right arrow to move forward and command-left arrow to move back. You may find that you will need to interact with your new choice.

You will find lots of keyboard commands and lots of information in the menus.

Keith Reedy


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