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Just a Word or Two about Widgets with Leopard Voiceover.

Widgets are really working well in Leopard.  I have checked out ESPN and have it set up for football, so I can keep track of my Colts,  I have been able to look at a word in dictionary and the list goes on.  What an improvement over Tiger.

Remember to close your widgets when you are done with them, in other words, don't leave a bunch of them open at one time, because they take system resources.

You can bring up a list of commands by pressing, VO keys-h twice. Here are some commands I think you will find helpful.

To Select a Widget

VO keys-f2 twice for the window chooser and arrow down to the widget bar. Press VO keys-spacebar and arrow down through your list of widgets. To choose the one you want press, VO keys-spacebar.

To close a widget, Vo keys-command-f2 while you are on the widget, or, the name of the widget and Voiceover will tell you to press return to close the widget.

*** When you set up your weather widget for your area, if you close it, you will lose your settings.

 If you want to change the behavior of your widget, for instance in the ESPN widget if you want to change from football to basketball, just go to the info button, click on it and you will find a popup button which you can use to change sports.

Here is the way to find new widgets, now over three thousand, news, weather, sports and so much more.

From the widget bar, choose widgets and press VO keys-Spacebar. In this list you can VO keys-right and left arrow through your listed widgets and uncheck them to disable them. Voiceover keys-shift-end to the end of the list and then VO keys, left arrow back a couple of times to more widgets and press VO keys-spacebar and go widget hunting. Not all of them will work because of there graphic nature, however, you will find that a good number of them will.

Keith Reedy


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