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Using The iPhone with VoiceOver

Information from the Apple website.
Select items on the screen: 
Drag your finger over the screen. VoiceOver identifies each element as you touch it. You can also move systematically from one element to the next by flicking left or right with a single finger. Elements are selected from left-to-right, top-to-bottom. Flick right to go to the next element, or flick left to go to the previous element.
“Tap” a selected item when VoiceOver is turned on: 
Double-tap anywhere on the screen.
Speak the text of an element, character by character or word by word: 
With the element selected, flick up or down with one finger. Flick down to read the next character, or flick up to read the previous character. Twist the rotor control to read word by word.
Enter text: 
Select a key on the keyboard by flicking left or right, then double-tap to enter the character. Or drag you finger around the keyboard to select a key and, while holding the key with one finger, tap the screen with another finger to enter the character. VoiceOver speaks the key when it’s selected and again when it’s entered.
Flick up or down to move the insertion point forward or backward in the text. VoiceOver makes a sound when the insertion point moves and speaks the character to the right of the insertion point. Use the Rotor to select moving the insertion point by character or by word.
To enter an accented character, double-tap and hold until you hear a sound that indicates the alternate characters have appeared, then drag left or right to select and hear the choices. Release your finger to enter the current selection.
Adjust a slider: 
With a single finger, flick up to increase the setting or down to decrease the setting. VoiceOver announces the setting as you adjust it.
Scroll a list or area of the screen: 
Flick up or down with three fingers. Flick down to scroll down, or flick up to scroll up. If you’re scrolling through a list, VoiceOver speaks the range of items displayed (for example, “showing rows 5 through 10”). Areas are scrolled in sections, and VoiceOver tells you which section is visible as you scroll.
For best results using three-finger gestures, relax and let your fingers touch the screen naturally.
Unlock iPhone: 
Select the Unlock switch, then double-tap the screen.
Mute VoiceOver: 
Double-tap with three fingers. Double-tap again with three fingers to turn speaking back on. To turn off only VoiceOver sounds, set the Ring/Silent switch to Silent.
Stop speaking an item: 
Tap once with two fingers. Speaking automatically resumes when you select another item.
Turn off the display while you use VoiceOver (“Screen Curtain”): 
Triple-tap with three fingers. Triple-tap again with three fingers to turn on the display again.
Speak entire screen from the top (“Read All”): 
Flick up with two fingers.
Speak from current item to bottom of screen: 
Flick down with two fingers.
Status information about iPhone can be heard by touching the top of the screen. This can include the time, battery life, Wi-Fi signal strength, and more.


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