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Hello everyone,

Here's how to use Pages to convert a text into ePub format to be read using iBooks.



Using Pages to make ePub document

     1     Open original document;
     2     Select all;
     3     Copy to clipboard;
     4     Open Pages;
     5     Select blank document;
     6     Paste text into document;
     7     Save as Pages document;
     8     Press Command-Shift-T to show the styles drawer:
     9     Stop interacting with everything and navigate twice left to find the drawer;
     10     Interact with the drawer and navigate once right to find the table of paragraph styles;
     11     Interact with this table and navigate down to Title;
     12     Bring mouse (VO-Command-F5) and do a control click to get a contextual menu;
     13     Type H for Hot Key and select one from the submenu;
     14     Repeat this process for Body and Heading 1 and as many other heading levels as the book requires;
     15     Stop interacting with the table and the drawer and return to the text;
     16     Select all and press the hot key for Body (this makes the text look right for sighted users of the iPhone);
     17     Go to the top of the document and make sure the text pointer is somewhere in the title then press the hot key for Title;
     18     Find the first chapter heading and with the text pointer in that heading, press the hot key for Heading 1;
     19     Continue through the document in this way until you reach the end;
     20     Remove any extraneous text such as a previous table of contents that has not been recognised by Pages;
     21     Create new TOC by going to the Insert menu and selecting Table of Contents;
     22     Save document then export to EPUB format;
     23     Remember to enter the requested information in the dialogue box (Title, Author, genre).

Anne Robertson <anne@anarchie.org.uk>


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