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VoiceOver Gestures

When VoiceOver is turned on, the standard touchscreen gestures have  
different results. These and additional gestures allow you to move  
around the screen and to control the individual elements when they’re  
selected. VoiceOver gestures include using two and three fingers to  
tap or flick. For best results using two- and three-finger gestures,  
relax and let your fingers touch the screen naturally.

You can use many different techniques to enter VoiceOver gestures. For  
example, you can enter a two-finger tap using two fingers from one  
hand, or one finger from each hand. You can also use your thumbs. Try  
different techniques to discover which works best for you.

Following is a summary of some of the VoiceOver gestures.
Navigate and Read


      Tap:  Speak item.

      Flick right or left:  Select next or previous item.

      Flick up or down:  Depends on Rotor Control setting. See Rotor  

      Two-finger tap:  Stop speaking current item.

      Two-finger flick up:  Read all from top of screen.

      Two-finger flick down:  Read all from current position.

      Three-finger flick up or down:  Scroll one page at a time.

      Three-finger flick right or left:  Go to next or previous page  
(such as Home screen, Stocks, Safari).

      Three-finger tap:  Speak the scroll status (which page or rows  
are visible).

Select and Activate


      Double-tap:  Activate selected item.

      Touch an item with one finger, tap the screen with another  
finger (“split tapping”):  Activate item.

      Double-tap and hold (1 second) + standard gesture:  Use a  
standard gesture.

      The double-tap and hold gesture tells iPhone to interpret the  
subsequent gesture as a standard one. For example, you can double-tap  
and hold, then without lifting your finger, drag your finger to slide  
a switch.

      Two-finger double tap:  Answer or end a call. Play or pause  
(iPod, YouTube, Voice Memos, Photos). Take a picture (Camera). Start  
or pause recording (Camera, Voice Memos).

      Three-finger double tap:  Mute or unmute VoiceOver.

      Three-finger triple tap:  Turn the screen curtain on or off.

NOTE: Single-finger flicking gestures must be done quickly to  
distinguish them from dragging gestures.

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