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iOS VoiceOver Gesture & Keyboard Commands
Written on 12 October 2011 by Daniel Göransson

  1.      iOS VO Gestures
  2.      1 Finger Gestures
  3.      2 Finger Gestures
  4.      3 Finger Gestures
  5.      4 & 5 Finger Gestures
  6.      iOS VO Keyboard Commands
  7.      General Navigation
  8.      Handling VoiceOver Speech
  9.      "Quick Nav" Commands
  10.      Safari Web Shortcuts
  11.      Text Field Commands
  12.      Other Keyboard Actions

Updated for iOS 5!
A complete list of gestures and keyboard shortcuts to handle your iOS device.
iOS VO Gestures
1 Finger Gestures
Gesture      Action
Touch or move around the screen     Speaks and select the item under your finger
Tap 2 times fast     Activate the selected item. (open app, press button)
Tap 2 times and hold     Activates "drag-mode" (move icons, swipe-delete)
Tap 3 times fast     Double presses a button (see tip below)
Swipe left or right     Selects the previous or next item
Swipe up or down     Preforms or move to the selected rotor option
2 Finger Gestures
Gesture      Action
Hold 1 finger & tap with another     Select when dragging, activate with tap (aka split-tap)
Tap once     Pause/resume speech
Tap 2 times fast     Preforms special action
Tap 2 times and hold     Add label to selected item
Tap 3 times     Open Item Chooser for current area
Swipe up     Read all from first object in selected area
Swipe down     Read all from selected item
Scrub back and forth     Go back, cancel, close pop-up
Pinch out/in     Select/deselect
Hold and twist left or right     Select the next or previous rotor item
3 Finger Gestures
Gesture      Action
Tap once     Speaks the current page number and position
Tap 2 times fast     Toggle speech on/off (good for braille use)
Tap 3 times fast     Toggle screen curtain on/off (VO works but screen is off)
Swipe left or right     Move to previous or next horizontal screen/page
Swipe up or down     Move/scroll down or up (like moving a paper)
Note: To open notification center select the status bar and swipe 3 fingers down.
4 and 5 Finger Gestures
Gesture      Action
Tap the upper half with 4 fingers     Select the first item in the area
Tap the lower half with 4 fingers     Select the last item in the area
Swipe left or right     When in an app, switch to next or previous app
Swipe up or down     Open or close multitask pane
Pinch in     Go to home screen
iOS VO Keyboard shortcut commands
VoiceOver VO keys = Control + Alt
On a windows keyboard the windows key = Cmd key
General navigation
Keys      Action
VO + left or right     Select previous or next item
VO + up or down     Preforms or move to the selected rotor option
VO + Space     Activate the selected item. (open app, press button)
VO + H     Go to home screen
Escape     Go back, cancel, close pop-up
VO + H 2 times     Open/close multitask pane
Cmd + Tab     Switch to next app or hold Shift for previous
Control     Pause/resume speech
VO + A     Read all from first object in selected area
VO + B     Read all from selected item
VO + M     Move to status bar
VO + I     Open Item Chooser for current area
VO + F     Search and go to match with Enter
VO + G     Next search match, hold Shift for previous
Handling VoiceOver
Keys      Action
VO + S     Toggle speech off/on
VO + Sift + S     Toggle speech on/off
VO + Cmd + up or down     Adjust the selected speech rotor option
VO + Cmd + left or right     Change the speech rotor setting
VO + /     Add label to selected item
VO + K     Start VoiceOVer training, Escape to exit
Quick Nav Commands
Turn on "Quick Nav" to use these commands by pressing left + right
Keys      Action
up + down     Activate the selected item. (open app, press button)
left or right     Selects the previous or next item
up or down     Preforms or move to the selected rotor option
up + left or right     Change to next or previous rotor setting
Alt + left or right     Move to next or previous horizontal screen/page
Alt + up or down     Move/scroll up or down the screen/page
Control + up or down     Select the first or last item in the area
Control + left or right     Go to next or previous container/area
Safari Web Shortcuts
Hold Shift for previous
Keys      Action
H     Next heading
1 to 6     Next respective heading level 1–6
L     Next link
S     Next text element
W     Next landmark
R     Next text field
X     Next list
T     Next table
M     Next element of same type
I     Next image
B     Next button
C     Next form element
Text Field Commands
You must have "Quick Nav" off to use these commands.
When moving cursor, hold Shift to select/deselect text
Keys      Action
left or right     Move cursor by character
up or down     Move cursor by row
Alt + left or right     Move cursor by word
Control or Cmd + left or right     Move cursor by phrase
Cmd + A     Select all
Cmd + C     Copy selection
Cmd + X     Cut selection
Cmd + V     Paste
Cmd + Z     Undo. Note: you can also shake the device
Eject     Show/hide screen keyboard
Other Keyboard Action
Keys      Action
VO + -     Preforms special action
Cmd + Space     Change language keyboard layout
F1     Decrease screen brightness
F2     Increase screen brightness
F7     Previous song
F8     Pause/resume song
F9     Next song
F10     Mute sound
F11     Decrease volume
F12     Increase volume
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