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Put the Fun back into Amateur Radio!

The K2 160-10 meter SSB/CW Transceiver re-creates the
excitement of building and operating a full-featured HF radio.
Imagine the feeling you'll get from your first K2 QSO when
you tell the other operator that you built it yourself!

“I Can’t Believe It’s a Kit!”

The K2 is no ordinary transceiver kit. Its high-performance,
low-noise receiver puts it firmly in the big leagues, topping
the charts in terms of close-in dynamic range (5 kHz spacing).
And the K2 includes features you've come to expect from
radios costing much more. Dual VFOs with multiple
memories, split TX/RX operation, RIT/XIT, full break-in
CW, memory keyer, narrow IF crystal filtering and IF-derived
AGC are all standard. We even provide up to six
programmable band displays for use with transverters.

Low Power Consumption for Portable Use

The K2 is designed for use both at home and in the field. The
K2’s low receive current (as low as 150 mA in battery save
mode) is one-tenth that of most high-performance
transceivers, allowing the use of much smaller batteries. Our
internal 2.9 AH battery (KBT2) and internal fully-automatic
antenna tuner (KAT2) further enhance portability.

Build the K2 for QRP or 100W Operation

The K2 offers efficient QRP CW operation with up to 15
watts output. Build it as a K2/100 by including the internal
KPA100 option to get a full 100W radio with silent diode
switched T/R. We also offer SSB, 60 m, 160 m, noise
blanker, RS-232 computer control and DSP filter options.

Easy to Build, Understand and Repair

The K2 uses Elecraft’s wireless design methodology to
eliminate nearly all point-to-point wiring inside the radio. The
K2’s RF, Front Panel and Microprocessor boards plug directly
into each other to form a clean, rugged and open design. All
K2 boards are easily accessible for test, alignment and repair.
The K2 utilizes only through-hole components for easy

Comprehensive Assembly and User Manual

Our illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions include
modular assembly and check out of each control, receive and
transmit stage. Extensive theory of operation and
troubleshooting sections are also provided.

Lab Equipment Not Required

The K2 provides built-in test equipment, including a digital
voltmeter, ammeter, frequency counter and RF power meter.
Microprocessor based self-alignment firmware speeds the
testing of your K2.

Strong Customer Support

Our technical support via telephone and the Internet will get
your K2 up and running quickly. On-line manuals, frequently
asked questions (FAQ), and our very active user group email
list make building the K2 a great experience.

(The K2 is an intermediate kit. First time builders may want to
start with our K1 CW transceiver or other entry-level kits.)


- Rugged, attractive custom enclosure
- Small, portable size: 2.9h x 7.8w x 8.2d inches
- Weight 3.3 lbs. (excluding internal options)
- 80-10 meter ham band coverage; 60 m, 160 m optional
- Efficient 12 Volt (10 - 15 V) operation for home or field
- Receive current as low as 150 mA (battery save mode)
- CW-only or SSB/CW + Digital Modes with SSB option
- PLL synthesized--low phase noise
- Up to 6 transverter bands; programmable display freq., I.F., power
- Dual VFOs with split operation.
- Direct keypad entry of frequencies and memory channels.
- RIT and XIT with four offset ranges
- Built-in high-efficiency speaker
- Memories store mode, VFO A/B, split, RX filter, etc.
- Simple menu system for advanced settings. (Up to two menu functions
can be assigned to the two programmable front panel function keys.)
- Room for additional connectors on the rear panel
- Smart ‘hunt and pounce’ band-scanning mode plus mem. channel scan

- Low-noise, single-conversion superhet receiver
- Double-balanced diode mixer for excellent dynamic range
- Receive sensitivity: 0.15 uV (pre-amp on, typical.)
- Narrow ham-band, double-tuned bandpass RX/TX filters, relay
switched for better IMD response
- Smooth, fast attack, I.F.-derived AGC (no "popping")
- Switchable preamp and attenuator
- Variable-bandwidth I.F. crystal filtering
- Multiple VFO tuning rate selections and scanning modes
- 10 Hz tuning resolution
- Bar graph S/RF OUT/ALC meter
- Adjustable squelch

- Adjustable 0.1-15 W (K2), 0.1 – 100W (K2/100)
Rugged, SWR-protected, push-pull PA transistors
- Programmable current limit for battery operation
- Harmonics and spurious outputs: Better than –43 dBc

- Full diode switched break-in with variable QSK delay
- 9-memory keyer; iambic A and B; adjustable weight
- 9-50 wpm (internal keyer); 70+ wpm (external keying)
- Programmable message repeat interval
- Simultaneous computer and paddle CW keying inputs
- Variable bandwidth crystal filter (approx. 200 - 2000 Hz)
- Adjustable RX CW offset with tracking TX side tone.
- Selectable opposite sideband RX for QRM reduction


K2/100W Internal Integration Kit (KPA100)
- The KPA100 option completes the K2 as the 100-watt K2/100
transceiver. Includes fast, diode-switched T/R, extensive monitoring
(SWR, current, and temperature), and RS-232 rig control. Either the
KPA100--or our 20 W automatic antenna tuner and internal battery
options--can be installed inside the K2.

- 8 pin mic connector; jumpers allow use w/most mics
- Adjustable speech compressor
- Optimized 7-pole, 2.2 kHz crystal filter

160 m With Receive Antenna Jack (K160RX)
- Adds 160 meters TX/RX
- 2nd RX antenna input (usable for all bands)

60 m and Low Level Transverter Interface (K60XV)
- Adds 60 m coverage with channel scan to the K2 and K2/100
- Provides separate low level (-10 to 0 dBm) transverter split I/O

Advanced DSP Filter for the K2 (KDSP2)
- 4 user-configurable DSP filters in each mode (CW, SSB, Data)
- Automatic Noise Reduction with four settings and full adjustment
- Automatic Notch Filter
- Real Time Clock

Audio Filter with Real-Time Clock (KAF2)
- Low-pass filter eliminates noise and splatter above 3 kHz
- Two-stage narrow band-pass filter for CW or data use

Internal Battery (KBT2)
- 2.9 AH, the gel-cell battery can be recharged inside the K2
continuously from the same DC power supply used at home
May not be used with KPA100 installed.
- KBT2-X battery holder only ( no battery) also available

Noise Blanker (KNB2)
- Variable threshold and pulse width

Internal 20W Automatic Antenna Tuner (KAT2)
- SWR and power metering to front panel.
- Two antenna jacks; front-panel antenna selection

100W Auto Tuner for K2, K2/100 (KAT100)
- KAT100-1 includes 1.25” high enclosure (sits under or next to K2).
- KAT100-2 includes front & back panels for EC2, does not include
complete case. Must be mounted inside an existing EC2.

XV Series Transverters (XV50, XV144, XV222)
- High Performance transverters for use with the K2 and most other rigs
- Transverters are stackable; K2 or push-button selects active band
- 20 W (XV50); 25W (XV144, XV222)
Note: The KAT100, XV Transverters and KRC2 require either the
KIO2 or the KPA100 option installed in the K2.

AUX I/O RS-232 Interface (KIO2)
- Supports computer logging, contesting, remote control applications
(KIO2 functionality is included in KPA100.)

Band Decoder and Controller (KRC-2)
- Controls external antenna and BPF switches
- Works with theK2 and most other rigs.
- CW feedback accessibility aid; Four function keys

K2 Keyer Paddle System (KXPD1-K2)
- The KXPD1-K2 bracket is a lightweight, sturdy adapter that allows our
model KXPD1 paddle to be used with the K2.
- KXPD1 paddle must also be purchased for use with the KXPD1-K2

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