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2 k2 controls and connectors

Submitted by Jerry Neufeld, VE3QSO
E-mail: ve3qso@rac.ca

I will describe the connections on the rear panel of the k2 using the upper half first and then the lower half with the k2 rear panel oriented so that it is facing you. You should be able to feel where the top cover and the lower heat sink meet in the middle of the rear of the panel. This will be the demarcation between upper and lower. The description will begin in the upper half, moving from left to right and then in the lower half moving from left to right.

Rear panel, upper half:

Recessed internal battery disable switch, directly below that is the db9 connector for auxilliary i/o for connection to a pc or the krc2 band decoder.

Ground terminal terminal post.

BNC connector from internal antenna tuner (atu) for antenna #1.

BNC connector from internal atu for antenna #2.

Empty holes for transverter bnc connectors (part of the 60m option).

1/8 inch external speaker jack.

Rear panel, lower half:

12 vdc power connection, uses barrel plug.

Main antenna connector with rubber cap (do not use if atu is installed).

Empty hole for separate receive antenna (part of tghe 160m option).

Empty hole for transverter phono jack connectors ( part of the 60m option).

1/8 inch jack for cw key or paddle.

Front panel:

Note: The status of controls and switches on the front panel of the K2 can best be monitored with the KRC2 accessory described in detail in another file on this site. Alternatively, there is software that speaks changes in status of many of the controls, assuming you have connected the K2 to a computer and you have the k2voice105_setupsm.exe program (see the K2 Read This First.txt file, also on this site).

The front panel controls consist of raised rectangular push buttons, rotating control knobs and microphone and headphone jacks.

Each push button has two primary functions. Tapping a switch will access its first function and holding a switch for over a half second will access its second function.

I will move vertically from the top to the bottom of each column of controls and connectors, moving from left to right. The basic tap or hold function of each switch or the function of each control knob or connector jack are as follows:

First column

Band up e.g. 3.5 to 7 mhz.
Hold, release then tapping 0 to 9 on number pad- recall one of ten frequency memories.

Band down.
Hold - store frequency in memory 0-9, same procedure as above.

Menu - displays contents of last menu accessed. See k2 menus for selection and editing procedures.
Hold - edit current menu parameter.

8 pin microphone jackn

Second column:

Display, rf/alc show voltage and current, time, dsp parameters.
Hold - select ssb transmit bargraph mode either rf or alc.

Antenna 1 or 2.
Hold - key transmitter, activates atu.

Noise blanker 1, 2 & off.

1/8 inch headphone jack.

Third column:

Internal keyer speed knob.

AF gain.

Fourth column:

Output power knob, 0-15 watts.

RF gain knob.

Fifth column:

VFO tuning knob.

Sixth column:
This column contains a single square push button switch that is located near the bottom of the front panel and is to the right of the main vfo tuning knob.
Tuning rate, vfo lock.
Tap - select vfo tuning rate.
Hold - lock/unlock vfo.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 0.

Seventh column:
Mode, vox.
Tap - select operating mode (cw, lsb, usb).
Hold - cw operate or test mode.
SSB ptt, vox leverl 0.2-1.0.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 1.

Hold - cw audio spot on/off.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 4.

R i t, pf.
Tap - r i t on/off.
Hold - activate programmable function 1.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 7

Between 7th and 8th column:
R i t/x i t offset knob.

Eighth column:
VFO a/b.
Hold - temporary a/b vfo swap.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 2.

AGC, cw reverse, fast/slow agc.
Hold - toggle between normal/reverse cw or between usb/lsb.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 5)

X i t, pf2.
Hold - activate programmable function 2.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 8.

Ninth column:
A=B, split.
Hold - toggle between split and normal.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 3)

Crystal filter, audio filter.
Select next crystal filter.
Hold - audio filter select (af1-2, cf1-4, sf1-4).
Also numpad 6.

Play or record cw message.
Tap - play.
Hold - re_cord cw message.
Also used for the numeric keypad number 9)

Transceiver on/off.

There are additional two-switch combinations available where both switches are held together as follows:

Band+ up & band down pressed together, direct frequency entry: hold, release then enter frequency with number pad.
Pre-amp/attenuator & agc: agc on/off.

Crystal filter & agc: display current crystal filter and bandwidth.

Crystal filter & split: dsp notch filtering on/off.

Display & tune: override the atu tune power limit.

Rit & crystal filter: fine rit on/off.


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