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Note: When describing Front Panel controls, progression is top to bottom and
left to right. Side panel controls are front to back.

Down left side:
Power on/off.
Preamp/Attenuator, short press toggles preamp while pressing for two seconds
activates the attenuator (short press again turns off attenuator.
Tune/Call: through 6 meters short press toggles tuner on/off; press and hold
to activate outboard auto tuner; above 6 meters switches to call channel.

Next row right:
AF gain, inner knob, RF gain outer ring.
RIT/Sub switch: function set in initial set mode.
M/CH inner knob (also used for RIT); IF shift, outer ring.

Across bottom:
Menu (long beep at 1), F1, F2, F3.

Left of main dial:
Mode: short press cycles through ssb, cw, rtty and am; press and hold in
various modes to select opposite sideband, cw r, rtty r, fm or wide fm.
Tuning step: short press switches tuning speed; press and hold for 2 seconds
to set tuning step for each mode; short press to exit.
Display: short presses cycle through m, s and g menus (long beep at m;
press and hold for 2 seconds to activate quick set mode, short press to exit.
Lock: short press toggles dial lock; press for 2 seconds for voice.

Right of main dial:
Band up, band down.

Right Side Panel
Comp gain; sidetone/beep level; vox gain; antivox.

Menu Lists
Quick Set (mode dependent)

Q1: RF power, all modes.
Q2: mic gain (ssb,am,fm); pitch (cw); tone (rtty).
Q3: vox delay (ssb,am,fm); break-in delay (cw); shift (rtty).
Q4: carrier frequency (ssb); repeater tone (fm); paddle type (cw);
keying polarity (rtty).
Q5: tone squelch (fm); key speed (cw).
Q6: ratio (cw).

M1: f1, split (press 2 seconds for quick split mode); f2, a/b; f3, a=b
(xfc in split mode.
M2: f1, mw; f2, mcl/move (hold for two seconds for mcl in memory mode and
memory to vfo transfer in vfo mode); f3 m/vfo.
M3: f1, filter toggle; f2, noise blanker; f3, meter toggle.
M4: SSB: f1, vox; f2, comp; f3, agc.
CW: f1, 1/4; f2, brk; f3, agc.
RTTY: f1, 1/4; f2, ---; f3, agc.
FM: f1, vox; f2, com; f3, ton.
S1: f1, mw; f2, mpw; f3, mpr.
S2: f1, scn; f2, pri sel; f3, v/m.
S3: (band stacking register) f1, 7; f2, 50; f3, 144.
S4: f1, anf; f2, nr; f3, nr level (adjust by m/ch knob).
G1: band scope.
G2: if shift.
G3: tx freq.
G4: memory name.

Initial Set Mode
1: beep
2: band beep
3: auto off
4: peak hold
5: backlight
6: speech lang.
7: speech spd.
8: s-lvl spch.
9: scan resume
10: scan speed
11: u/d speed
12: A-tune start
13: ptt tune
14: pad ch.
15: quick split
16: spl offset
17: dup offset
18: split lock
19: opt. fil1
20: opt. fil2
21: rf gain
22: am nb
23: pow. on chk.
24: subdial rit
25: ci-v addres
26: ci-v baud
27: ci-v trn
28: ci-v 731

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