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K3 Control Locations

Elecraft K3 Front Panel Controls: Physical Location vs. Functions

Wayne Burdick, N6KR; Revised 2-4-2009

Front Panel
Left Side Controls (left of LCD display bezel); "Primary Controls"
Note: The first two switches in this column are "rocker" switches,
with each end having different functions.
Column 1 (leftmost controls on panel)
Switch 1, left end: TAP = BAND DN; HOLD = VOX on/off
Switch 1, right end: TAP = BAND UP; HOLD = QSK on/off
Switch 2, left end: TAP = MODE DN; HOLD = ALT mode select
Switch 2, right end: TAP = MODE UP; HOLD = TX TEST on/off
Switch 3: POWER on/off
[TX and Delta F LEDS]

Column 2
Switch 2: TAP = XMIT; HOLD = TUNE
Switch 3: TAP = RX ANT on/off; HOLD = sub ANT switch (MAIN/AUX)
Knob 1: Smaller knob = MAIN AF GAIN; Larger knob = SUB AF GAIN
Knob 2: Smaller knob = MAIN RF GAIN; Larger knob = SUB RF GAIN
Column 3
Switch 1: TAP = DISP (VFO B alt. displays on/off); HOLD = METER (TX bargraph)
Switch 2: TAP = ATU TUNE; HOLD = ATU normal/bypassed
Switch 3: TAP = ANT1/2; HOLD = Assign name to antenna (complex operation)

Center Controls (under LCD display bezel)
Note: Columns 1 and 2 contain two knobs each; they are the
"Multifunction Controls". Functionally, they are grouped left/right:
col 1/knob 1 and col 2/knob 1 are the DSP filter passband controls, and
col 1/knob 2 and col 2/knob 2 control transmit functions. All
four knobs are left of the VFO A knob.

Column 1
Knob 1: SHIFT or LO-CUT; TAP = SHIFT/LO select; HOLD = NORMalize filter

Column 2
Knob 1: HI-CUT or WIDTH; TAP = HI/WIDTH select; HOLD = PRESET I/II select
Knob 2: CMP or PWR; TAP = CMP/PWR select; HOLD = MONITOR (sidetone or voice)

[VFO A knob]

Column 3 (right of VFO A knob)
Switch 2: TAP = FINE on/off (1 Hz); HOLD = COARSE
Switch 3: TAP = RATE (10/50 Hz); HOLD = VFO LOCK

Right Side Controls (right of LCD display bezel)
Columns 1/2/3: Numeric Keypad and Misc. Function Group
Note: The switches in these three columns form a 3x4 keypad for
use with FREQ ENTRY, so the switches are listed by *row* (three each)
in the list below. Switch '.' is used as the decimal point following
MHz; switch '<' is used as an 'enter' key to accept the direct numeric
frequency input. Directly below this 3x4 switch array is the VFO B knob.

Row 1
Switch 1: TAP = A/B; HOLD = BSET
Switch 2: No tap function; HOLD = A/B TEMPORARY REV
Switch 3: TAP = A>B; HOLD = SPLIT

Row 2
Switch 4: TAP = PRE on/off; HOLD = ATTN on/off
Switch 5: TAP = AGC slow/fast; HOLD = AGC on/off
Switch 6: TAP = XFIL; HOLD = DUAL PB (dual-PB CW or dual-peak RTTY filter)

Row 3
Switch 7: TAP = NB on/off; HOLD = NB LEVEL (VFO A = DSP NB, VFO B = IF NB)
Switch 8: TAP = NR on/off; HOLD = NR ADJUST (use VFO B)
Switch 9: TAP = NOTCH; HOLD = MANUAL NOTCH (use VFO to set notch freq.)

Row 4
Switch .: TAP = SPOT (or autospot if CWT is ON); HOLD = PITCH
Switch 0: TAP = CWT on/off; HOLD = TEXT DEC
Switch <: TAP = AFX on/off (simulated stereo, etc.); HOLD = DATA MD

Columns 4/5: Memory, DVR, Message, and RIT/XIT Control Group
Note: The switches in this group form an irregular array,
treated differently in the list below. The first row of 2 switches
are for memory and DVR control. Below this is a group of four
switches arranged in a circle (M1-M2 on the top of the circle, and
M3-M4 on the bottom), with a fifth switch in the middle (REC).
These are used for instant message play (CW/DATA or with DVR). They
may also be used with the memory switches as per-band "quick memories".
Below the circular group is a group of 3 switches used for RIT/XIT
control, and below this, the RIT/XIT OFFSET control knob.

Row 1: Memory and DVR Controls (rightmost controls on panel)
Left switch: TAP = V>M; HOLD = AF RECORD (DVR)
Right switch: TAP = M>V; HOLD = AF PLAY (DVR)

Row 2 (circular switch array):
M1-M2 (top), M3-M4 (bottom): TAP M1-M4 = msg play; HOLD M1-M4 = msg repeat
Center switch: TAP = MSG RECORD (follow w/M1-M4); HOLD = msg bank 1/2 select

Row 3: RIT and XIT Controls
Left switch: TAP = RIT on/off; HOLD = programmable menu function PF1
Right switch: TAP = XIT on/off; HOLD = programmable menu function PF2
Bottom switch: TAP = RIT/XIT CLR (tap again to undo clear, if enabled)
Knob: RIT/XIT offset control

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