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Selected Functions of STANDARD C508A Transceiver

Push V/M. Confirmed by frequency numbers only (no channel number or C) in display.
BAND cycles through 4 ranges: 100-200 MHz (108-141.995 normally AM, other FM); 300-400; 400-520; & 700-900 MHz. Transmits 144 - 147.95 MHz & 438 - 449.995 MHz.
Repeater offset (simplex/+/-) & offset frequency are SET functions as shown below.
Tune VFO using Dial (knob on case top). To tune in 1 MHz steps, hold in F & tune Dial.
Squelch adjusted in SET. To override, push MONI (if in Repeatr Mode also reverses freq).
To scan a 1 MHz range, push SC. To scan band, hold in F & push SC. SC stops scanning.
Use Dial to change direction of scan.

Push V/M. Memory Mode confirmed by channel no. (00-59) in display. Select channel via Dial. To scan memories while in Memory Mode push SC. Other scan modes via SET.
Call Channel is programmable in both 144 & 440 MHz bands. Select band, push CALL.

[C508A has 60 memories (00-59) + CALL. Each holds 1 freq. + offset & tones or 2 receive freqs.]
In VFO Mode, select the desired frequency, offset, & tones.
Hold in F & push V/M. Use Dial to select memory channel (00-59).
Again Hold in F & push V/M to enter frequency & return to VFO Mode.
To program repeater offset, frequency, & tone, select channel & use SET Mode.
To erase a memory, select channel, push SET, turn Dial to m CLr, & push F.

SET (Menu) Functions

23 functions are controlled in Set Mode, as shown below with initial indications. To use, push SET. Turn Dial to select desired function. Hold in F & turn Dial to change menu function as desired. Push SET again to set change & return to previous mode.

St 5: Change tuning freq.step F-St 1.0: Change freq.step to wide (1 MHz) rPt:oF: Rptr.offset on/off

t59:oF: Tone Code/Sqlch on/off CF 100.0: Set tone freq. OF 0.00: Set repeater offset freq.

SP 433.0: Sets Split Memory (allows 2 freqs. in a channel when dUP:Of.)

SA:Of: Set Btty Save time APO:oF: Set Auto.Pwr.Off time PL:oF: PTT Lock

FL:oF: Freq.Lock FL CH:oF: Set Dial for freq.lock beEP:on: Beep on/off

rF 59L:oF: Set squelch to no.of S-units bnd:on: Dial changes freq. across bands

m CLr: Clears memory CH:of: Displ shows Chan.No. instead of freq. mm:oF: Sets chs. to scan

bm5:oF: Sets block memory scan (Block 0=Chs.00-09, 1=Chs.10-19,etc.) Scn:P: Changes scan type

At Am:on: Sets automatic AM Mode (108-142 Mhz) Am:on: AM on/off manually

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