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Selected Functions of STANDARD C108A Hand Held Transceiver

TO USE VFO MODE: [Receive Range 100-175 MHz;108-141.995 normally AM, other FM]
Push V/M. VFO confirmed by frequency numbers only (no channel no. or C) in display.
Enter frequency by Dial (knob on top right of case). To change tuning step, push SET,
select St. Select step (5-50 kHz) by rotating Dial to set new tuning step. Push PTT to set & return to VFO Mode.
Repeater offset (simplex/+/-) & offset frequency are SET functions as shown below.
Squelch is adjusted in SET. To override, push MONI (also reverses freq.in Rptr.Mode).
To scan a 1 MHz range while in VFO mode, push SC. SC also stops scanning.
Use Dial to reverse direction of scan.

Push V/M. Memory Mode confirmed by a channel number (M0-M9/M0-M9) in display.
Select memory channel using Dial.
To scan memories, while in Memory Mode push SC. Other scan modes via SET.

C108A has 20 regular memories (M0-M9/M0-M9), 1 Call Channel, and 2 Scan Edge Channels (ML & MH). Each holds 1 frequency + offset & tones.
In VFO Mode, select the desired frequency, repeater offset, & tone.
Push V/M to enter Memory Mode. Use Dial to select memory channel to program.
Push SET key to enter Set Mode & select ENT. Rotate Dial to set. Beep confirms.
To erase a memory, select channel, push SET & select CLr, & push F.

Enter Memory Mode & select desired channel & offset to transfer to VFO.
Push SET key to enter Set Mode; select bAC. Rotate Dial to set (long beep confirms).

22 functions shown below are controlled in Set Mode. To use, push SET; continue pushing SET to cycle through functions. Then turn Dial to change chosen menu function as desired. Push SET again or PTT to set selected change & return to previous mode.

FL: Key lock on/off. PL: PTT lock on/off. SHL: Squelch sens. Hi/Lo.
StL: Monitor lock on/off. dL: Dual Watch on/off. CLr: Clears selected memory.
Ent: Enters selected frequency into selected memory channel.
nSN: Turns Mem. Scan on/off. SA: Turns Btty Save on/off & sets time.
SCb: Turns Busy Scan function on/off
St: Sets Tuning Step (5-50 kHz). OF: Sets Offset Frequency(leave at 0.600)
tF: Sets any of 23 CTCSS tones + Off. rP: Sets Offset ON-, ON+, & OFF
lL: Turns continuous lamp on/off. APO: Turns Automatic Pwr.Off Function on/off
FCH :of: Turns Dial on/off when key locked. b2: Turns Beep on/off.
bAC: Transfers Memory Freq. to VFO. CH: Turns Memory Call state on/off. rS: Turns Repeater Reverse Mode on/off.

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