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Has your th-f6a lost its beep and you don't have sighted help available?
posted by Lynn Roberts 01/17/2005.

The following procedure may repeat may work in restoring it. This will cause the menu
settings to be restored to their factory defaults. You will lose any things that are not
defaults. These steps should only be attempted if you are really desperate. Since you have
been warned.
*1. Turn radio off by using power button, [When off pressing the MONI key does not
cause the radio to unsquelch.]
*2. While holding the f key [the key in the top right corner] down push the power on
*3. Slowly release the f key and then the power key. Radio beeps here
*4. If the beep is off, you won't hear anything, however it's not necessary.
*5. Turn the tuning knob 2 clicks in the clockwise direction.
*6. Move the multi button to the right.
The radio's menu functions should now be restored to their defaults. [It should now beep
like it used to]

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