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FT530 has two receivers, Main & Alt (or Sub) BANDS. Both receive 110-180 MHz FM & AM + 300-500 MHz FM by either A or b VFO or 41 tunable Channels. Default is Left display = VHF, Right = UHF; but either can receive either range or turn off. Both displays have their own volume/squelch but to use other controls, make subject band the MAIN BAND (shown by > in display) via BAND button. FT530 transmits 144-148 MHz (left display only) & 430-450 (right display only), FM only.

Select desired display with BAND button; then select "A" or "b" VFO with VFO button.
Enter frequency by Keypad; completed by entering 6 digits (no "enter" or decimal key).
Tune VFO using up or down keys or DIAL. To tune in 1 MHz steps, push FM.
To adjust tuning step, push FM then STEP. Select step using DIAL. Push STEP to set.
To set repeater split, push FM, then RPT as appropriate for + & - offsets & simplex.
To scan frequency, in VFO Mode push & hold up or down key for 1 second. Same deselects.
To turn on AM ("A3") detector (to receive 110-136 MHz aircraft band; possible in VHF only), push FM - SET - FM - VFO - PTT. "A3 On" or "A3 Off" will appear in display. If not already active, turn on 110-130 MHz receiver section by holding in up & down keys while turning on power.

Push MR. Memory Mode confirmed by numbers 1-38 or "U," "L," or "C" in display.
Select channel using up or down keys, Dial, or channel number on Keypad followed by MR.
To scan memory channels, push & hold up or down key for 1 second. PTT stops.
To exclude a channel from memory scan, select it & push FM - SKIP. Same deselects.
Memories are tunable. To tune a memory while in memory mode, push MR a second time.

Select characteristics (frequency, offset, CTCSS tones, & AM or FM) in VFO Mode.
Push & hold FM 1 second until second beep sounds & a number/letter blinks in upper left display. Within 5 seconds, select desired memory channel using up or down or Dial; then push FM again. Entry confirmed when channel number becomes steady & FT530 reverts to VFO Mode.
To program Call Channel, select characteristics in VFO mode, push FM, then CALL.

TO USE SUB-CHANNEL: (Receives only. Tuning range not wide as main; blinks if out of lock.)
Push SUB to turn Sub-Channel on/off. Push ALT; Sub-Ch becomes Main (>). Tune as needed.
OR, push FM - ALT to switch controls to sub-channel. Same reverses both.
When sub-channel not used for dual reception, push FM - SET - FM - ALT; then repeat ALT to step through CLOCK, BATTERY VOLTAGE, & Off. Push SET to save selection.

TO USE LAMP: Momentary: Push LAMP (lower edge of PTT). Continuous: Push FM - LAMP.


TO SET POWER: Push FM - LOW. Toggles between High & one Low setting. To select the Low setting, use Dial. (Display blinks, then unit turns off, when battery voltage goes below 5.5 V.)

TO USE CLOCK FEATURES: To display, push FM - Clock. To set time while in the clock mode, push FM again & rotate Dial to correct time. MHz toggles between setting hours & minutes. Push Clock to return normal clock mode. Push Clock again to turn off clock display. To turn on alarm, push FM - Clock, then LOW. Set alarm time, then push FM (symbol ((o)) confirms). To silence alarm, push PTT. To cancel alarm, set time to 0.

Yaesu/Vertex/Standard Tech Support, Cerritos CA: (562) 404-2700

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