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Instructions For Programming PL Tone Configurations into HTX202 from Tom Behler: KB8TYJ

Get into the memory channel mode (option C on the right-hand column of keys), and find an open memory with the tuning knob. If you don't have an open memory, you can clear out an existing memory with function 9.

Once you have found an open memory, do the following:

1. Go into the VFO mode (mode D), and enter your desired frequency and off-set.
Remember, the off-set is obtained with "function 3". Also, turn tone squelch on with
Function 1.

2. Then press function 8, which will put you in the M-set mode.

3. Once in the M-set mode, a menu will appear. Scroll up or down this menu, using the star
for scroll down, or the pound for scroll up. Scroll till you get to the TC option.

4. Once in the TC option, rotate the tuning knob till you get to the desired sub-audible tone.

5. Then press the "push to talk" to exit the configuration, and save settings.

6. To store these settings in your empty memory, press function C. The radio will beep once,
followed by two more beeps, which means that the information has been stored in memory.
Be sure to hold the function C combination of keys down long enough to get the double beeps at the end.


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