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DX398 Key

On the right side of the radio, there are two knobs and four switches. They are:
The large upper knob is the tuning knob.
The lower knob is the volume knob.
The switch in the lower left corner is the AM step switch.
The switch to the right of the AM step switch is the tone switch.
The switch to the left above the volume knob is time set switch.
The switch to the right of the time switch is wide/narrow, stereo mono.

On the left side of the radio, there is a knob and five jacks. They are:
RF gain knob.
External antenna jack.
Stand by jack.
Line out jack.
Headphone jack.
AC adapter jack.

On the front of the radio, are:
Upper right hand corner is the power button.
To the left of the power button is light.
Below light is daylight saving.
Below daylight saving is time set.
To the right of time set is step.
Below the display and to the right of the speaker, are four rectangular buttons.
Top button is ATS/FM.
Below FM is ATS/LW.
Below LW is ATS/AM.
Below AM is Meter/SW.

To the right of the FM, LW, AM, SW buttons is a group of round buttons, they are:
Going from left to right.
Row one.
1/120 meters.
2/90 meters.
3/75 meters.
Frequency/60 meters.
Row two.
4/49 meters.
5/41 meters.
6/31 meters.
Memory/25 meters.
Row three.
7/21 meters.
8/19 meters.
9/16 meters.
Row four.
decimal point/15 meters.
0/13 meters.
Clear/11 meters.
To the right of the above buttons is another group of buttons. They are:
>From left to right.
Row one.
Timer 1.
Timer 2.
Timer 3.
Row two.
World and home time.
Am mode.
Row three.
Row four.

In the lower right hand corner are two diagonal buttons. These are:
The upper button is tuning/scan up
The lower button is tuning/scan down.

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